Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera Deliciosa is also known as Swiss Cheese Plant. This is a great plant to have for your indoor space and it looks fantastic all year around.

Monstera is also one of the most easy indoor plant to look after. It prefers a warm climate away from direct sunlight and allow top 2-3cm of soil dry out between watering as over watering may lead to root rot, signs of this are yellowing or wilting leaves.

This greenery is also beneficial for indoor air quality and increase creativeness! It makes a perfect gift for all occasions or why not treat yourself to a lovely indoor plant!

Plant featured is approximately 40-45cm tall from base. Planter/pot (ceramic) sold separately.

All our plants have been potted in high quality premium soil and regular liquid fertiliser feed – so your plant is strong and healthy.

Your plant will be delivered to you with helpful care instructions to give you the best possible start to care for your lovely plant.

All items are personally hand-delivered by us and free local delivery is available. Please see About Deliveries for more information.
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