Dracaena Fragrans


Dracaena Fragrans is also commonly known as Happy Plant, Corn Plant, Chinese Money Tree and Cornstalk Dracaena. It’s a plant that is easy to care for, it displays deep green leaves and yellow stripes, making it the perfect centrepiece for your indoor oasis.

Keep your happy plant healthy with well-draining soil and watering only once the soil has had a chance to dry out. Gently wipe leaves clean to help prevent mealybug and mist with warm water if the room is very dry.

Our Happy Plant featured is 70 cm – 75 cm tall from base and has at least 3 canes.

Ceramic planter/pot (28cm dia., 27cm height) sold separately.

All our plants have been potted in high quality premium soil and regular liquid fertiliser feed – so your plant is strong and healthy.

All items are personally hand-delivered by us and free local delivery is available. Please see About Deliveries for more information.

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